Extended Life Phone Batteries

Written 12 years ago by Mike Cardwell

Most of the people who read this blog, probably have smart phones of some sort. One of the common attributes of a modern smart phone, is poor battery life. Phones used to happily last a week between charges, but nowadays they tend to need recharging every night; Much less if you’re using it for battery hungry tasks like navigation. Well, I have a tip for you.

Get an extended life battery! Most people don’t seem to know these exist. I am using one in my HTC Desire Z, and I used one in my G1 before that. You can easily double the battery life of your phone, and they usually only cost about $15.

The batteries are usually about double the thickness of the battery which came with your phone. Obviously they wouldn’t fit unless they came with some sort of replacement cover which allows for the battery to stick out further than normal. Luckily, they all do. I pretty much exclusively wear trousers that have large leg pockets, so a slight increase in phone thickness doesn’t affect me. I never understood the obsession with phones being thinner anyway, I’d much rather have longer battery life.

Here’s a picture of me holding the phone so you have some idea of what you can expect. The bulge on the back is pretty obvious:

Me, holding my phone

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